Dolphin Basketball Classic Rules and Regulations

FIBA rules and regulations apply, with the following modifications:

* First Half: 22 minutes running time except in the last minute when it is stop time on refs whistle. Clock runs on made baskets.
* Second Half: 22 minutes running time except in the last 2 minutes when it is stop time on the refs whistle. Clock runs on made baskets; however, if the point spread is 20 or greater clock will not stop.

* Poles are IN BOUNDS.
* Ball can go over backboards. If this happens it will be no violation.
* FIBA over and back rules apply. There will be no over and back call off opening tip.
* Substitutes can enter in between free throws. Last minute timeouts by offence will go to centre court.

* One 60 second timeout per half, no carry overs. It can be called on the court when in control of the ball. NOT WHILE JUMPING OUT OF BOUNDS.
* One 60 second timeout in OT, no carry overs.

* 24 second clock at officials discretion.
* 8 second clock at officials discretion to get to the front court.
* 10 second game clock warning will be called out.

* Penalty is 2 shots on the 9th team foul per half and onwards.
* All technical fouls count as team fouls and penalty is 1 shot with ball possession at centre court.
* UNSPORTING fouls remain at 2 shots with ball possession at centre court.

* NO SWEARING, NO SWEARING, NO SWEARING!!! A technical foul will be assessed for this infraction. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THE “F” WORD.
* Fighting will result in immediate game ejection; ejected player will be OUT of the remainder of the tournament.
* Uniform Rule: All teams must have proper matching uniforms. If not, 1 TECHNICAL FOUL MAY BE ASSESSED TO EACH PLAYER; this does not count as a personal foul or a team foul. Maximum of 4 technical fouls per team, shots taken prior to start of game.
* Please note that officials will determine use of the block on free throw line-ups in order to not penalize the defensive rebounders.

Note: In 2012, the area from the block UP towards the free throw line made up the first rebounders box. ** This will be standardized on Friday during the 1st game of the tourney.

* First team to score 7 points where all other elements of the second half apply (i.e. direction, team fouls). Final score will be recorded as the accumulative for the entire match.

Please ask game officials for clarification prior to the start of your match.